Lazy K's Catering and Dips and Spreads

Lazy K's Dips and Spreads

Lazy K's prepares superlative, mouth-watering hummus, dips and spreads that are made with fresh local ingredients and offer a whimsical twist on the classics. Spreading goodness from Beirut to the Bayou is our motto and reflects the variety of products we sell. In December, 2012 we  launched our products in Portland, Oregon area Farmer's Markets. Products include with our classic "Old School" hummus; Southern Pimiento cheese spread; and "Not your mothers" sweet and smoky onion dip. We plan to add more flavors of our hummus, dips and spreads as we the meantime get ready to lick the bowl clean!

Buy Lazy K's Dips and Spreads at the Montavilla Farmer's Market!  We will be there on Sunday, September 1st!

Lazy K's Pimento Cheese

A southern favorite dating back to the late 1800s this delicacy became a staple during the Depression when cheese was a cheap form of protein. A combination of Tillamook cheddar, sweet onion, mayo and a dash of hot sauce Lazy K’s Pimento Cheese is so delicious it would make Scarlett O’Hara swoon.

Lazy K's Beet Hummus
Fresh beets and dill blended with garbanzos and tahini.  Fresh and healthy – but with a little edge – a little like pink punk rock hummus.  Serving Suggestions: spread on sandwiches, eat with crackers and veggies, serve as a condiment (goes really well with salmon!); or eat just by the spoonful.  (Vegan)

Lazy K's Super Oniony Onion Dip
Well who doesn’t love good ole fashioned onion dip? Rumor has it this party favorite was the brainchild of a visionary housewife who took dry soup mix to a new level. Lay’s K’s version takes the old classic and yums it up with extra onions, a little brown sugar and balsamic – this is sure to be a new party favorite…game day, poker night, girl’s night, holiday party – the bowl will be licked clean!

Lazy K's Green Pea and Mint Hummus
Peas and mint are as natural together and as peanut butter and jelly.  Peas swirled with fresh mint and tahini makes it easy to abide by the old adage “eat your peas”! Serving Suggestions: Spread on sandwiches, eat on crackers and veggies, serve as a condiment or side dish; or just eat by the spoonful. (Vegan)

And then there is Lazy K's Kitchen Catering!

For small gatherings, events and mid sized shindigs...Lazy K's Kitchen specializes in fun, festive and most importantly tasty comfort food!  Our focus is on vegan, vegetarian and pescetarian menus but are happy to accommodate other tastes.  We believe that food should be savored, enjoyed and definitely not prepared or  eaten in a mad rush - our food plays homage to the days of yore - when our grandparents and great grandparents cooked  by the fire of  a wood stove. Okay we don't have a wood stove but we try to cook in the spirit of cooking that was prepared with loving care! Give us a try and you will know what we mean. 
Here's what others have said about Lazy K's:

"Your food is amazing! I keep getting compliments from my friends and family for how great your food was. You kept everything on time, too. That is my hardest thing to do. Thank you so much for all of your HARD work!" - Jennifer C., Pasadena, CA (Southern Hospitality Menu)

"As a vegan, I often have to eat before an event because there are so few chefs are interested in veganizing their menus. But the chefs at Lazy K are so well-versed in a plant-based diet that not only did they serve veganized versions of their dishes, but they also created original vegan items for the event. Yum! Brett and Kris are so skilled in the kitchen that they could make dirt delectable"  - Sue M., Los Angeles, CA 

"I love Lazy K Kitchen!  I've used their fantastic catering services for several events, and they've always exceeded my expectations.  Creative and fresh food with delicious flavors from all over the world!  Beautiful presentation and first rate service.  I highly recommend Lazy K Kitchen for your next party!" - Lorna H., Los Angeles, CA

Boogying down on the Bayou!
(Choose from the following options or if you have something you don't see but want just let us know!)
Pimento Cheese Spread
Spiced Pecans
Black eyed pea hummus
Caramelized vidalia onion dip
Collard green and artichoke dip
Hush puppies with honey butter and/or maple syrup
Sweet potato pie with vegetarian Andouille Sausage
Red beans and rice
Collard greens with turnips
Muffaletta Sandwiches
Salad with blue cheese buttermilk dressing and cajun croutons
Vegetarian gumbo
Mini buttermilk corn muffins
Peach Pie

Mixing it up in the Mediterranean!
(Choose from the following options or if you have something you don't see but want just let us know!)
Baba ganoush
Wild rice stuffed grape leaves
Zuchinni spanikopita
Falafel with Tahini sauce
Rustic Greek salad
Vegetarian Moussaka
Mixed Greek vegetables
Grandma Sophie's orzo
Gigante Beans

Wedding Hootenanny “From Beirut to the Bayou”

Do you know the chickpea song? Hum us a few Bars Hummus (Vegan)
She/He Lebneh Me She/He Love’s Me not…She/He loves me! (Vegetarian)
Make Mad Muhammara to Me (Vegan)
Please Please Me Vegetable Pasta Salad (Vegan)
Itzy Bitzy Teeny Weeny Bikini Greek Style Zuchinni Pie (Vegetarian)
Get Your Freak On Greek Salad (Vegan)
Say It Ain’t so Fattening Southern Style Spinach and Artichoke dip (Vegetarian)
Simmering Soul Filled Smoky Southern Greens (Vegan)
Red Beans (Vegetarian)
Bodacious Brown Rice (Vegan)
Hush Sweet Darlin’ Hush Puppies w/honey butter (Vegetarian)
Ain't Love Grand Antipasto Tray (i.e. tapenade, cheese, nuts, figs)
(Vegan and Vegetarian)
Zippity do da Dipping Implements, i.e. Bread and Crackers
(Vegan and Vegetarian)
And finally…make room in the tummy for Pies, Cupcakes and sweets (Vegan and Vegetarian)

Sample "International" Afternoon Garden Party

Bollywood Curried Red Lentil Dip
Take a Chill Pill Raita
Cease Fire Hummus
Out of Africa Spiced Mixed Vegetables
Fidel's Black Bean and Banana Empanadas and/or Soy Chorizo and
Olive Empanada Pie
Grandma Mao's Chinese Almond Cookies

A Night On Long Island  Coming Soon....

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